Living Things

Introduces us to the basic understanding about the
basic needs of living things, life processes, interactions among living
things and how living things survive and create a balance .
This theme also focuses on life processes in man for pupils to
understand themselves. It also explains why man is special compared
to other living things.

The contents of this theme is as follows:

Basic needs

Life Processes



Survival of The Species

Food chain and Food Web

Interactions Among Living Things


5 responses

30 08 2012
Siti Yasmin Zulaikha (5M)

sir ikmal…sy dh mm baca tntg mikroorganisma setakat ni sy dh fhm….tp separuh saja…

31 08 2012
Ahmad Ikmal

Takpe. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit

8 09 2012
Nurin Qamillia ( lia )

sir best la … senang x yh baca at buku at sini dh ada … 😀

8 09 2012
Ahmad Ikmal

Alhamdulillah. Teruskan ikut sciencetopedia. Akan ada penambahan nanti

9 09 2012
Nurin Qamillia ( lia )

ok je … sye on je .. hahahax … !!

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