Ray Diagram

5 04 2012

Objects with smooth and shiny surfaces like mirror, aluminum foil and stainless steel reflect light better than objects with dull or rough surfaces.



Aluminum foil

Stainless steel

Bright coloured surfaces reflect light better than dark coloured ones. The reflection of light from a mirror is called regular reflection.

Regular reflection

Light rays that fall on rough surfaces are reflected or scattered in all directions. This type of reflection is called irregular or diffused reflection. When a ray of light falls on a mirror at a certain angle, it will be reflected at an angle equal to the angle of the incident ray. When the angle of the incident light is changed, it will change the angle of the reflected light. A ray diagram can be used to show the path of the light coming from a light source and the path of the reflected light.

The principle of light reflection by mirror is used in many devices and instruments such as periscope, kaleidoscope, microscope, dental mirror, road reflector mirror and mirror at barber’s shop.




Dental mirror

Mirrors at barber;s shop

Road reflector mirror





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