27 03 2012


Objects made from iron can rust. The appearance of rusted surfaces is different from non-rusted surfaces. The nail with a rusted surface is dull and rough. When you scrap it off, the rusted surface will blister off. The clean non-rusted surface stays shiny. Rusted surface are ugly.

Rusted nail

Unrusted nail

The process of rusting needs air and moisture. If either of these conditions is not met, then iron objects will not rust.

We can protect the surface of iron objects from rusting by excluding air and water. This can be done with a coating of paint, plastic, chrome, greasing, oiling and tin plating.



Spray painting

Tin plating

Plastic coating

Quick check

How do you know an iron object has rusted?

  • If its surface is rough, blistered and dull

Suggest two ways of preventing your metal pencil box from rusting.

  • Painting and chroming it.





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