Emergency steps

21 03 2012


A person being shocked needs to be disconnected from the source of electrical power. Locate the disconnecting switch or breaker and switch it off. Alternatively, if the disconnecting device cannot be located, the victim can be pulled from the circuit by an insulated object such as a dry wood board, piece of non-metallic conduit or rubber electrical cord.

Dry wood board

Piece of non-metallic conduit

Rubber electrical cord



Rubber pipe

Rubber boot

Victims need immediate medical help; check for breathing and pulse, then apply CPR as necessary to keep up oxygenation.


If victims are still conscious after having been shocked, they need to be closely monitored and cared for until trained emergency response people arrive. There is a danger of physiological shock, so keep the victims warm and comfortable.

Shock victims may suffer heart trouble up to several hours after being shocked. The danger of electric shock does not end after the immediate medical attention.





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