Safety Precautions

18 03 2012


When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury. Some of the safety precautions are as follows:

  1. Do not touch switches with wet hands.
  2. Do not use electrical appliances that are faulty or have broken insulation wires.
  3. Do not repair electrical appliances on your own.
  4. Do not poke anything into electrical power supply.
  5. Never plug too many electrical appliances into one power point. It can cause a short-circuit or fire.
  6. Never put electrical wires under carpets or rugs.

Insulators are very important when we use electrical appliances. Rubber is a type of insulator used for covering wires. The rubber or plastic covering protects us from the electricity that is flowing through the wire. All electrical plug‘s casing are made of plastic. They are safe for handling electrical appliances.





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