Danger of Mishandling Electrical Appliances

15 03 2012

Electricity in important in our lives. Electricity lights up our homes, powers our computers and other electrical devices. However, we must always be careful when handling electrical appliances. Proper handling of electricity is vital because it can cause:

  1. electric shock – an electric shock is usually painful and can be lethal. It can occur upon contact of a human or animal body with any source of voltage high enough to cause enough current through the muscles or nerves.
  2. burns – tissue heating due to resistance can cause extensive and deep burns. High voltage (>500 to 1000 V) shocks tend to cause internal burns due to the large energy available from the source.
  3. electrocution – electrocution remains a major cause of death in construction. Part of the reason is that at home and at work we take electricity for granted. This can lead to familiarity and a false sense of security. Relying on the benefits of electricity, we may forget its hazards.
  4. fire – a fire can break out if electrical wires or appliances become overheated.



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