Transformation of Energy

4 02 2012

Energy is that certain something inside matter that makes everything happens. When something or somebody moves, jumps, falls, explodes, breathes, thinks, dances or does anything, it is because energy is being transformed. Humans have to learn how to transform energy from one form to another so that we can do work more easily and live more comfortably. Transformation of energy always follow the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that:

  • energy cannot be created or destroyed.
  • energy can be changed from one form to another.
  • when energy changes its form, the total amount of energy is constant.

Here are some examples of transformation of energy found around us.


Transformation of Energy


The chemical energy stored in petrol is converted into heat in a car engine. This heat is used to move the mechanical parts of the car so it can move. Thus, chemical energy is converted into kinetic energy.


Electrical energy is transformed into kinetic energy to turn the blades of the fan.


Stored energy in a flashlight’s battery becomes light energy when the flashlight is turned on.


Electrical energy is used to heat a coil and transforms it into heat energy.


Electrical energy is transformed into sound energy through speakers.


When you talk on the phone, your voice is transformed into electrical energy which passes over wires. The phone on the other end changes the electrical energy into sound energy through the speaker.


A television changes electrical energy into light and sound energy.


A toaster changes electrical energy into heat and light energy.



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